Musings of a Curious Mind

29 May 2020


Hello there!

I am Aditya. Glad to have you on my blog!

This is a place where I usually pen down my thoughts about different things - games, life, people, personal reflections, experiences and insights. Writing is one of the best tools to think and grow as a person as well as an excellent way to keep track of memories. This blog is my small attempt to do that.

Feel free to take a look at Posts for a list of past posts or Tags for different categories of posts.

About Me

I like solving challenging problems and reflecting deeply. I make software for a living. I also read books and do a bit of writing on the side. I also like video games - some of which have shaped many of my beliefs. Trying different cuisines (and making them in my spare time) is also one of my hobbies.

I believe in growth mindset - that anything can be learnt with enough dedication and effort.

I am a huge Dark Souls fan! The logo comes from Sun used by Solaire of Astoria - a jolly character with great dialogues, one among them being - Praise The Sun.

Solaire’s character teaches me to be hopeful regardless of the situation and the value of individualism, ambition and social cooperation.

Like something on my blog or just simply want to say hi?

Sure! Hit me up at adityakumarpraharaj (at) gmail (dot) com